100 years herbert hirche

herbert hirche studied between 1930-1933 at bauhaus in dessau and berlin, under wassily kandinsky and ludwig mies van der rohe, the later for which he worked as an employee until 1938. from 1939 he worked for egon eiermann. between 1948 and 1975 he was acting as professor in interior- and furniture design at the academy of fine arts in stuttgart. hirche had great influence on the development of german product-, furniture- and interior decoration designs after WWII. both his architecture as well as the furniture designed by him were characterised by functionality and harmonious proportions based on rational cubic shapes. He was also a forerunner in developing furniture and office systems that could be collapsed and mounted by the buyers themselves.

he was alo one of the seven professional industrial designers that later were referred to in publications and in the media as the “7”, joined together to found the “verband deutscher industrie designer” in 1959. these seven designers are professor arno votteler, professor hans erich slany, hans-theo baumann, herbert hirche, kupetz günter, rainer schütze, and peter raacke. they believed that designers needed an association to promote professional advocacy, support them in both legal and educational issues, and to represent the profession to the public.
text: wikipedia