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we are proud to present some work of DIEPHOTODESIGNER.DE.

perfection and sensitivity characterize the function of DIEPHOTODESIGNER.DE. ken schuchtmann and dirk dähmlow (both b. 1970), who have since 2001 specialized in architecture and design.
not only do they illustrate, but penetrate into their motives. from a long analogue and digital process emerges light and color which bestow upon their images an unusually deep plasticity.
some say they stage design like others photograph fashion. internationally active architects and clients such as, he artist plajer & franz studio, plasmastudio, BMW, VW, puma, or samsung have acknowledged them for years. their work runs clear across the range of design and lifestyle press. thus in the past years innumerable images for wallpaper, AD, vogue, frame and several other magazines have arisen.