“app”solutely worth checking out: diephotodesigner.de

ten years of work and three months development time are behind the new, free app from diephotodesigner.de. called programm, it is an app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch that invites you to explore the world of architecture, design, and landscape photography. As a whimsical add-on, a link to google maps offers the possibility of navigating the world map.
berlin, march 30, 2011 – the photographer’s portfolio with a difference. celebrating ten years of existence, diephotodesigner.de present their work for such clients as BMW, MTV networks, or mont blanc. the gallery and databank consisting of more than 8,000 photos demonstrates the commitment of both photographers to the highest professional standards. as such, dirk dähmlow and ken schluchtmann count among the trailblazers of their industry—which is entertainingly presented in their portfolio using the most up-to-date communications technology.
for both photographers the app is more than just an electronic business card: “we show that we can meet our clients’ demand for our work on and offline”, says schluchtmann. and dähmlow adds: “we had to familiarize ourselves with the new technology, but now we’re a leap ahead of our industry”. in addition to the website, the blog, and the facebook profile, the app as virtual art gallery is another building block in their medial presence on the occasion of their ten year anniversary.
the diephotodesigner.de app was programmed in collaboration with branko may. it’s an alliance that has proven its worth over the years: since 2003 may has been responsible for the website of the charitable organization sage hospital e.V., whose event series is stewarded by berlin mayor klaus wowereit. the photo agency diephotodesigner.de provides consultation to the organization on conceptual and organizational questions and handles the distribution and updating of the entire presentation and press material as well as communications planning.

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