built in paper

by simply folding white paper cologne based artist simon schubert creates intricate images of stately homes and palaces like the former berlin stadtschloß for example…

folds in the surface create a relief of just a few millimetres, catching the light at different angles to create detailed pictures of architectural spaces.

In his paper works Schubert folds and creases the sheets in an extraordinary technique, adding a plastic quality to the plain paper without any graphical aid. Staircases and hallways, insights of stately homes are shown, seemingly on the point of dissolution. The rooms are inhabited by hidden human figures whose ghost-like shadows seem to enter or leave the scene.

The paper works are made of plain paper, which is entirely folded and uncoloured.

The three dimensionality of the picture is a result of a special technique. The lines, angles and circles are raised several millimetres as the result of positive and negative folding. Those reliefs change in the interplay of shadow and light and move between two and three dimensionality.
In different lighting, like the changing of daylight, the pictures change from nearly vanishing into an illusion of space and three-dimensionality.

Simon Schubert lives and works in Cologne, Germany.

as seen on dezeen.com