c wonder – new york

c wonder is a new brand from chris burch; the venture capitalist ex-husband of tory burch. the 670 sqm flagship store opened on 22 october 2011 in soho and is now one of new york’s most glamorous stores.

this is mid market luxury in action, with a host of innovative service elements, such as free customisation in the ‘make it yours’ corner, staff with ipod touches and credit card scanners, so that service comes to you.
best of all are the changing rooms, where touchscreens allow you to dim the lights and choose your own mood music at whatever volume you want.

the store is divided into five separate lifestyle shops. the entrance is a Regency style space displaying bags. there’s also a ski resort, a palm springs cabana, and english townhouse and an ‘american dream’ home decor mecca.
the design of the entire concept was overseen by pompei ad, who have a long history of work with urban outfitters and anthropologie.

72 spring street at crosby, soho, new york
design credit:
pompei ad, new york