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DEAR magazin

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thanks to german DEAR magazine, the meeting with glass manufacturer lacobel in our office to discuss individuality and practicability of glass in interior design projects is now printed on paper…

KARL LAGERFELD store in lille

fashion brand KARL LAGERFELD has opened a new store on the ground floor of department store printemps in lille, france. with 38 sqm in size, the space uncovers more elements of the fashion brand’s new design concept, plajer & franz studio has been developing under the creative direction of Karl Lagerfeld. watch out, the whole design concept will be revealed very soon!

cultural confluence

iDecorama magazine, issue 11/2017: “berlin based plajer & franz studio creates a contemporary shopping experience for a department store chain which was recently launched in turkey. the eclectic design of the store effectively blends the french charm with turkish flair, whilst keeping the brand’s identity and traditional heritage intact.”

harrods, london, porsche design, store design

porsche design in harrods london by plajer & franz studio

harrods, london, porsche design, store design

the 80 square metres shop-in-shop at harrods in london offers the entire range of porsche design products, from luggage and eyewear to fashion and sports apparel, watches, jewellery, smoking accessories, electronic products and writing tools. highlight at the new location is the porsche design fashion collection for men and women.

the shop design is a crucial tool for sustainably entrenching brand messages against the backdrop of major brands which have increasingly global presences. architects and designers who are capable of interacting strongly with a brand and engaging with the target group are a vital prerequisite for devising successful design concepts and developing a brand-specific design in agreement with all stakeholders. retail areas are transforming into experiential spaces.

harrods, london, porsche design, store design

in the four-story, all the product presentations including the articles at the pos, with the help of interior design studio plajer & franz studio in berlin, are highlighted by a discus lighting solution from zumtobel. its delicate but robust design is creatively inspired by cutting-edge led technology: a flat, minimalist shape with an unmistakable appearance – characterised by the radial fins of the passive heatsink and its illuminated replaceable optic. in addition, implementation of dali functionality into the 3-phase track enables optimal flexibility with the modernisation of existing systems.

harrods, london, porsche design, store design

the full article was published

the world spa design 2

yi is a holistic spirited equilibrated lifestyle-concept. therefore the main objective of plajer & franz studio was to design “yi” as a refuge for body, mind and spirit: chaste elegance, natural elements like slate stone, mother-of-pearl and dark wood in contrast to colored glass, exotic plants and delicate fragrances. the idea of plajer & franz studio was to make all these elements interplaying distinctively. certain design elements like tone-in-tone gravel between big stone slabs impose a path through a riverbed in chiang mai and show the correlation between modern interior design and tradition. yi offers a piece of imported asian culture integrated into a modern realistic ambiance.

“the world spa design 2” was published by shenzhen based publisher artpower

GENESIS MANNEQUINS featured in PLOT magazine

thank you PLOT magazine for featuring our project for GENESIS MANNEQUINS in the online magazine!


“Als einer der weltweit größten Hersteller von Schaufensterfiguren steht die Marke GENESIS MANNEQUINS für Kreativität und Innovationskraft, was die Berliner Kreativen von plajer & franz in der Gestaltung des Messestands des Unternehmens auf der EuroShop 2014 auch zum Ausdruck brachten. Dabei hob sich der Auftritt aufgrund seiner besonderen Merkmale von der Masse ab und zog die Aufmerksamkeit der Besucher auf sich: Für die Inszenierung der Marke wurde die gesamte Höhe der Messehalle genutzt. Der Stand bestand aus fünf monolithischen Kuben, die einer prismenartigen Struktur folgten. Diese fungierten als Bühnen und boten Inszenierungen mit den Mannequins, die von internationalen Fashion-Events und temporären Kunstaktionen inspiriert waren. Nach außen kommunizierten jene mit ganzflächigen Grafikmustern auf spielerische Art das Modethema. Sie schufen ungewöhnliche Perspektiven, ein Spiel aus Hell und Dunkel sowie ein Farbschema aus Schwarz und Weiß, was die Aufmerksamkeit der Passanten durchaus fesselte. Kleine Lücken sowie Vitrinen machten zudem auf das Innere neugierig: Hier erwartete die Besucher eine Lounge mit sechs verschiedenen Präsentationsbereichen, die thematisch in die Bereiche „mood“, „fame“, „sihouette“, „vogue“, „haute couture“, „heritage“ und „visions“ strukturiert waren.