Cioccolato Bakery Boutique

to create a willy wonka factory feel was the intention of savvy studio from San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León, México when designing the interior of Cioccolato, a bakery boutique in Monterrey, Mexico.

The new shop focuses on custom desserts and special events, and it is a specialized spin-off concept of the existing, fairly traditional Cioccolato pastry and cake brand.

The gooey concept evokes cravings of sweet sugary treats and thick whipped cream, strong chocolate and colourful candies, feather-light macaroons and juicy cupcakes – anything sweet and happy and festive.

Savvy Studio was in charge of the entire rebranding concept, from visual identity to interior design and packaging. Savvy is a multi-disciplinary studio involved in industrial design, architecture, graphic design, marketing and communications.

as seen on the cool hunter