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multi brand store

a novelty in travel retail, the multi brand store at moscow’s largest airport, evokes a department store feeling with inviting three wall boutiques that are artfully arranged around a central area. with reference to moscow’s history and russian lifestyle, the store design derives from the famous fabergé egg, a symbol of luxury and goldsmithing. its diamond-shaped, faceted surface serves as a continuous design motif throughout the store and can be found down to the very detail. materials like whitened oak and brass are mixed with terrazzo and marble to emphasize an ambience of “new luxury”.

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Karl Lagerfeld new concept

the new retail concept for fashion brand KARL LAGERFELD focuses on an elegant and clean aesthetic that ensures an inviting, light and open feel. the design is characterized by furnishing elements from karl lagerfeld’s living and working environment. carpets, mirrors and other furniture, as well as materials like marble, brass and black chrome create luxurious accents and reflect the fashion designer’s unmistakable style.

plajer & franz studio has been responsible for the design concept of fashion brand KARL LAGERFELD since 2013.

photos mike fuchs ©KARL LAGERFELD

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engelbert strauss workwear

at times when future prospects for stationary trade are uncertain e-commerce brand for workwear, ENGELBERT STRAUSS, decided to give craftsmen physical shopping experiences. after designing workwear stores for hockenheim, munich-bergkirchen and biebergemünd, plajer & franz studio was commissioned to design a flagship store in oberhausen.
all stores present the world of workwear from a completely new perspective. the retail design concept is simple and unconventional but deeply honest. various trade and craft references are integrated into the design concept in a playful way – and by doing so, offer an emotional shopping experience with a clear expertise statement.

photos engelbert strauss

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Galeries Lafayette istanbul

french department store group Galeries Lafayette has opened a new branch in Istanbul. the store is the first to be opened after a new corporate branding had been introduced to the company. therefore a modern and clear design language had to match the department store chain’s distinctive style. newly interpreted design elements, interesting mixtures of materials, special lighting scenarios and color accents create a holistic shopping experience.

highlight of the design concept is a 20 meter wide atrium. situated above, plajer & franz studio designed an extraordinary cupola, made of polished steel prisms, which had been pressed with a pressure of 80 tons. patterned with a new laser-cut technique, the so called “coupole” is an artistic interpretation of the famous cupola at the retailers’ headquarters in paris.

photos plajer & franz studio

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SOGO st moritz mall

distinguished with a strong design language department store chain SOGO presents itself once again with high recognition value. after bali, suabaya, bandung and samarinda department store st. motiz in jakarta is store number five by plajer & franz studio.

initial idea of the store concept was to stage SOGO’s japanese roots on the indonesian market. 11.000 sq meter (118.400 sq foot) of retail space, spread over three floors present itself today as a perfect platform to display the product groups beauty, fashion, lingerie, accessories, home and kids. altogether the store-design is a consistent and coherent concept down to the very detail. not only does it set new international standards but is a novelty to the indonesian retail landscape.

photos plajer & franz studio

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situated in an alpine valley, cortina d’ampezzo is a popular winter sport resort known for its skiing slopes, the beautiful scenery and premium shops mainly for european jet set. recently, sports specialist SALEWA opened a new store on corso italia, the heart of the italian skiing hotspot. following the design concept of munich, linz, cles and longarone, technical materials such as powder-coated black steel and dark floor tiling, create a modern and authentic look embodying function and professionalism. high quality natural wood on focus areas and furniture objects, gives the interior a welcoming and warm finish.

as in former shop concepts the design offers a structured and reduced framework for the merchandise world of SALEWA. the colorful functional clothing and equipment make a strong appearance against the dark background and the wooden highlights. since 2007 plajer & franz studio has been developing and implementing retail design concepts for SALEWA with shop openings in a number of european cities.

photos salewa

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following the idea to add european flair and create a department store with a strong design language that will shape the retail landscape of indonesia, plajer & franz studio developed a store design that surprises with meaningful details, intelligent design solutions and a strong brand recognition value.

photos plajer & franz studio

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the expanding indonesian department store chain LOTUS was in need of a new store design concept that would free the brand from its rather mouldy image and fill it with new spirit. this was when plajer & franz studio came into play. they created a new design concept including the CI and logo, which essentially emphasize the attributes of LOTUS – young, trendy, individual and witty. Continue reading

A Space

Located in berlin mitte, for the time being  ‘A space’ was a temporary showroom for NATULIS GROUP AG. after the transformation, the former movie theatre offered a platform to show and sell a range of apartments being built at this location. the design of the showroom is marked by a mix of rough, edgy and refined, elegant elements. this symbiosis turned the space into an eye-catcher while offering great opportunities for counseling and sales conversations.

photos christian rudat

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s.Oliver stores

since 2006 plajer & franz studio have been responsible for the complete design and retail planning of all s.Oliver lifestyle environments worldwide. they have created numerous exceptional designs with authentic and innovative elements. in their retail design concept a ‘room-in-room’ approach allows for the individual collections including ‘casual’, ‘selection’ and QS’ to retain their unique characters under the umbrella of the s.Oliver parent brand. a range of materials, graduated according to the style of the sections, further highlights their individuality and uniqueness. the overall store design surprises the consumer with new worlds and emotions and allows numerous opportunities for brand identification – turning shopping into an unforgettable experience.

photos ken schluchtmann

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