dongli gardens tianjin, china by plajer & franz studio

the dongli lake project is one of the largest and most ambitious residential and commercial developments in tianjin / china.
plajer & franz studio has designed a part of the new city district for the project developer vanke, who defines this urban task.

with 25,000 m² of built floor area, the development will provide an interesting mix of residential units, lofts, retail and urban spaces. the concept comprised a clever distribution of spaces a long both sides of a major
street that is deviding the new district. creating the heart of this newborn urban space is one of the most important aspects of the masterplan. ample spaces and
stone paths for pedestrians connect residential with commercial areas and cross even the main traffic axis in order to reduce the scale of the giant development.
the project generates green zones and opportunities for social interaction. at the same time it provides intimate spaces of privacy and quietness and fosteres a sense of community and individual and identity of the asian tradition.

in contrast to the neighbouring districts with its typical clean standard high rises, the new planned modern residential buildings and the supermarket will not
be more than 3 stories high in order to become a polite and welcoming oasis.

sustainability features a reincorporated throughout the project by intergrating low-impact materials and passive energy strategies.