“fashion is obsolete” according to li edelkoort

her new manifesto stirred up the design world: “it is the end of fashion as we know it” claims world’s best known and most influential trend forecaster li edelkoort at the design indaba 2015. the statement is followed by a manifesto written by the dutsch design and fashion expert…


so, what is it that makes fahion obsolete?

“fashion is insular and is placing itself outside society, which is a very dangerous step,” she said in an interview. further edelkoort listed a number of reasons for the crisis in fashion, starting with education, where young designers are taught to emulate the famous names. “we still educate our young people to become catwalk designers; unique individuals,” she said, “whereas this society is now about exchange and the new economy and working together in teams and groups.”
other issues affecting the industry include a loss of competence in textile design, the failure to address sweatshop conditions at clothing factories; and the cosy relationships between fashion houses and magazines and bloggers, which ties editorial coverage to advertising budgets.
the ‘like’ generation has replaced intelliugent critique and marketing generally killed the hole thing because “it’s governed by greed and not by vision. there’s no innovation any more because of that.”


in her 10-point manifesto, published by edelkoort’s paris-based agency trend union and subtitled “ten reasons why the fashion system is obsolete”, she argues that the industry has reached a vanishing point of fashion”. this would mean that the economy of clothes will take over from the turnover of fashion.”
the topics of the manifesto include education, manufacturing, designers, retailing and marketing and explains why each of these points heavily contriobutes to the current stage of fashion and eventually lead to its obsolence.

worth reading!

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