floating coloured light – an interactive installation by carlos cruz-diez

a blood-red sunset, a gloomy thunder-storm. an affecting situation in your life is mostly related with a colourful ambience. carlos cruz-diez has been exploring the kinetic movement of colour in his works, creating interactive manufactured chambers that lures visitors to rethink their perceptions of colour in their everyday lives.

carlos cruz-diez has lived and worked in paris since 1960.
according to his artist’s statement, colour is an autonomous reality, devoid of anecdotes, that evolves in real time and space with no need of form or support.

the colour floods from room to room, interacting with other colours, creating entirely new hues. the light immerses the gallery space so thoroughly that the colour almost takes on a physical aspect. in his statement, diez says:

“the chromosaturation can act as a trigger, activating in the viewer the notion of colour as a material or physical situation, going into space without the aid of any form or even without any support, regardless of cultural beliefs.”

found via designboom