iconic awards 2018 for Galeries Lafayette

we are happy to share: Galeries Lafayette has been awarded WINNER at the iconic award: innovative architecture hosted by the german design council.

Galeries Lafayette, istanbul, plajer franz

‘paris meets istanbul’ is the leitmotif of the design concept for Galeries Lafayette in istanbul. it was important to convey the french-parisian design heritage as well as the strength and reputation of the brand while translating it appropriately to this distinct market. in addition, Galeries Lafayette Istanbul is the first department store to implement Galeries Lafayette’s new CI. we had to implement new design elements and for example a new colour range, that has a significant percentage of white along with black, red and gold.

the highlight of the design concept is a large void of 20 meters, connecting all levels of the store. situated above, we designed an extraordinary cupola, made of polished steel prisms. patterned with a new laser-cut technique, the so called “coupole” is an artistic interpretation of the famous cupola at Galeries Lafayette’s headquarter in paris. the pendant lighting installation serves as retail lighting (practical purpose), on the other hand as an artistic installation. the result: an exceptional installation, connecting high tech and beauty.

plajer franz, galeries lafayette, istanbul, iconic award

ground floor, Galeries Lafayette, istanbul, department store, plajer franz

changing room, Galeries Lafayette, istanbul, department store, plajer franz

Galeries Lafayette, istanbul, department store, plajer franz