impressive kayanoya shop in tokyo

this impressive shop in nihobashi, tokyo focuses on selling one product – soy sauce. kayanoya originates from kuhara shoyu, kyushu, a soy sauce manufacturer whose history dates back more than 120 years,

the shop in nihobashi is a reproduction of their traditional warehouse. here,  shoyu wooden barrels, which are usually used for traditional shoyu-making are part of the store design. further, koji buta (koji is malt rice used as a medium to make fermented food or seasoning as shoyu, miso and sake) is used as furniture for the presentation of products.  koji buta is a special wooden tray when making koji for shoyu, and its design is highly functional and sophisticated.
all sugi (cedar) materials are from kyushu, and the barrels and trays were produced by local craftspeople. community-oriented design is one of the goals the design agency kengo kuma had in mind when designing.

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