impressive staircase at canberra’s hotel

melbourne based office ‘march studio‘ have created a new entrance to the hotel in canberra, australia  and did so using reclaimed timber that creates the grand staircase!

the space features thousands of pieces of recycled wood, which are fixed around the walls and ceiling to create irregular patterns around the building’s precast concrete pillars. the lengths are supported by steel rods that run from the ceiling to the ground floor, while sparser clusters of timber-covered steel rods line the front of the entrance. each tread of the staircase is made up of three different types of glue-laminated timber profiles. longer lengths of timber profiles protrude from the middle of the staircase to create an illuminated central balustrade.

the staircase leads up to the hotel lobby and bar, which occupies two floors of the building. here, chunky lengths of concrete and timber create bulky pieces of furniture, while decorative lighting fixtures hang from the ceiling and circular skylights bring in daylight from overhead.

photography is by peter bennetts
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