lift me up

who says one cannot lodge comfortably in the very middle of nature? the tree hotel in the far north of sweden, close to the polar circle, is a spot which prooves that the combination of a natural experience and a touch of luxury works pretty well.

designed by various swedish architects,the tree hotel is very particular in its architecture and visual appearance. the rooms are located in different spots and not neccessarily on the ground… you can eitehr spend a few nights in “the bird’s nest” which looks almost exactly like a real bird nest only that it’s size is adjusted to human size or book the mirrorcube designed by tham & videgård arkitekter hung about six meters high around a tree trunk. waking up in the mirrorcube means having a 360° view of the surrounding, looking at the sky, the trees and see birds flying past as…

sleep well!

architects: tham & videgård arkitekter

photographer: Åke E:son Lindman