yi spa studio

a new asian massage art and smart spa studio. europe´s first yi-spa-studio designed by plajer & franz studio opened its doors at the heart of berlin between the hackescher markt quarter and the historical museumsinsel. the main objective of alexander plajer and werner franz was to design “yi” as a refuge for body, mind and spirit, in other words an oasis for modern and smooth revitalization.

design by plajer & franz studio

photos by diephotodesigner.de

spotted by thecoolhunter.net, world`s luxury guide, nylon magazin

yi spa berlin

Stairs and steps…
…are an integral and important part of the formal language of architecture worldwide.
the function of stairs is not only a building component, it also represents an important design element.

in this way stairs were often used as a representative motiv.

we like steps!


linda treash

often streetart is not only a expression of artistic creativity, it`s also a form of protest.
the most of time the results are beautiful works of art and makes a city much more coloured and individual.
the artists use different materials to built their artwork
much of the artworks remain anonymous because in a lot of cases the artists use illegal spaces.
so take some time and let you inspire by the big artists around you…
pictures by manuela knobel also a designer of contemporary jewelery made in berlin, weburbanist, atypyk, designspotter and spy org.

neon signs

neon signs are luminous-tube signs that contain neon or other inert gases
at a low pressure. applying a high voltage (usually a few thousand volts)
makes the gas glow brightly. they are produced by the craft of bending
glass tubing into shapes. a worker skilled in this craft is known as a glass bender,
neon or tube bender.

neon sign tubes are distinguished from neon lamp bulbs by their length,
customized shapes, higher operating voltages, and range of colors.

neon sign is a popular material. artist, designer and architects use it to set light accents
or to play with the space and light.

for exampel the artist carlo bernardi create really great installations. also the sevenstargallery in berlin are working with neon signs to give the space the best light

you can find neon in all colours and forms…ready to use for every artistic fantasy…