plajer & franz wins the “chain store age” retail store of the year award…

puma store paris receives the “chain store age” – retail store of the year 2012 award for best store redesign!

based on the idea to bring back joy into retail environments and combine it with a sustainable and innovative store design, plajer & franz studio in collaboration with ales kernjak (head of global store concept of the puma retail ag) developed a new store design concept for the 200 sqm of shopping space at puma’s store in paris. it desplays a great mix of an ecological high tech concept, cutting-edge technology allowing for an interactive customer engagement as well as an creative input by parisian artists collective 9eme concept.
while treating the product as a hero the store design not only enhances the display of pumas performance and lifestyle articles but intentionally works as a product category navigation.
the latest communication channels such as iPads as well as some fun elements like old-school telephones called “un-smartphones” playing random messages have been integrated in the store design to enhance consumer interaction and encourage customers to engage with the brand.