puma osaka – A.R.E. design Award-winner

finally open – puma’s premium store in osaka by plajer & franz studio.
the store is a new landmark on the retail horizon. both the exterior and the interior architecture of the space have been pumarized and speak a homogenous language that unifies the company’s philosophy, an intelligent yet simple retail design, and the joyful and witty spirit of the sport-lifestyle brand.

the new premium store is more than just a shopping place. it is a social and cultural meeting point. a space for events and happenings of various kinds. the lower two floors of the four-storey puma building have been designated for the 600 sqm shopping space, while the upper level – an open roof top, surrounded just by a light façade construction – creates an open space for performances and sport events.

the interior design unites the individual concepts for sportlifestyle, performance, and black label, all three speaking different visual languages.

an impressive, cone-shaped staircase in the centre of the store with a red brand-wall in its back, is the eye-catcher, drawing attention not only to its design but above all to the footwear tribune at the foot of it.

generally, shopping at the new premium store is above all an experience and in line with puma’s philosophy an active interaction with the brand.

have a look here:
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