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what significance has a freehand sketch in the age of CAD? a korean publication gives space for a book full of architectural drawings.

to be clear – we consider computer drawing and its possibilities as wonderful and irreplaceable. however a sketch is a thinking tool, visualizing thoughts and ideas while sketching. who is able to sketch ideas quickly with the pen also saves time and will convince clients easier. korean bob magazine just published a great book on sketches done by international architect studios. we are pleased that we have been asked to provide some of our project sketches for the publication.

sketch book, architectural drawing, sketch, plajer & franz

the world spa design 2

yi is a holistic spirited equilibrated lifestyle-concept. therefore the main objective of plajer & franz studio was to design “yi” as a refuge for body, mind and spirit: chaste elegance, natural elements like slate stone, mother-of-pearl and dark wood in contrast to colored glass, exotic plants and delicate fragrances. the idea of plajer & franz studio was to make all these elements interplaying distinctively. certain design elements like tone-in-tone gravel between big stone slabs impose a path through a riverbed in chiang mai and show the correlation between modern interior design and tradition. yi offers a piece of imported asian culture integrated into a modern realistic ambiance.

“the world spa design 2” was published by shenzhen based publisher artpower

SOGO st moritz mall featured in new edition of “retail design international”

after the huge success of av edition’s first book on the future of retail design in 2016, the publishing house again called for architects to contribute relevant retail design projects to a new book for 2017. the idea is to provide an up-to-date overview of innovations in multi- and omni-channel commerce, from cutting-edge in-store technology to new products.


our late mall project SOGO st moritz mall in indonesian capital jakarta was picked as one of 50 current best-practice examples (from temporary pop-up stores to avant-garde brand worlds to hybrid retail centers) to offer an inspiring overview of projects from around the world.



some words from the book about sogo st moritz mall:  „the basic idea of berlin agency plajer & franz studio was to make the original japanese roots of the department store chain the theme of the retail experience on the indonesian market. the brand‘s entire redesign in indonesia was created on this basis: the general look as well as the design and furnishing of all segments and departments. following the realization of stores in bali, surabaya, bandung and

samarinda, the department store in the st moritz mall in jakarta is the department store chain‘s fifth indonesian store to be designed by plajer & franz studio. they successfully had already been responsible for the design of the galeries lafayette in jakarta. the central design element is a recurring corporate pattern based on the department store‘s logo. it is to be found on the interior façade and soffits and provides the pattern for wallpapers and tile arrangements throughout the store. it is also used to define feature walls and custom-built pieces of furniture. surfaces like natural wood, stainless steel and brushed brass have been accentuated with textiles and wallpapers designed specially for the department store.“