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the future of workwear

plajer & franz studio has been designing stores for workwear brand ENGELBERT STRAUSS at a time when future prospects for the stationary trade are not promising. but the forward-thinking mail-order brand decided to go from online into offline business. the success proves that innovative logistic and an authentic retail concept for a niche product can boost the business and it’s brands image in nowadays online world.

at the two-day, high-profile conference, concepts like „supermercato del futuro“ by coop, live video shopping, 3d-printed products and other innovations of the digital revolution unveiled new aspects of future retail lifestyles. but everybody agreed, that technology should stay in the background and support the topic “retail of tomorrow”, but can not replace it.

www. retail-design-konferenz.de

alexander plajer with mrs. tanja kronibus and mr. timo schellhase during the conference

alexander plajer

Alexander Plajer at Euroshop 2017

this year’s trade fair euroshop is celebrating its 50th anniversary and vmm (european visual marketing merchandising association) is celebrating as co-founder with and exciting program and many speakers. alexander plajer will be holding a lecture on monday, march 6th on an essential topic: how to find an appropriate use of digital technologies in retail design.

hall 11, stand F02
march 6th, 2 pm