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store book 2018

the shop fitting industry’s yearbook unites current best cases of shop design and retail architecture. store book 2018, published by dlv-netzwerk ladenbau e.v and callwey, presents store concepts from the categories body & mind, food & drinks, fashion & accessories, lifestyle & communication, boots & high heels and active & travel. all shop-fitting projects were selected by an expert advisory board. we are thankful our design concept for engelbert strauss workwear store in oberhausen is among the published projects.

Retail Design International 3

retail business is constantly changing. to enhance the customer brand relationship, retail design has to be flexible and incorporate new approaches, design forms, technologies and marketing strategies. with its publication series Retail Design International, stuttgart based publisher av edition presents the latest developments in global retail design with contributions from interdisciplinary experts and innovative reference objects. issue no 3 is out now. it is a standard reference for retail design industry including deparment store Galeries Lafayette

sketch book, ac publishing, korea

what significance has a freehand sketch in the age of CAD? a korean publication gives space for a book full of architectural drawings.

to be clear – we consider computer drawing and its possibilities as wonderful and irreplaceable. however a sketch is a thinking tool, visualizing thoughts and ideas while sketching. who is able to sketch ideas quickly with the pen also saves time and will convince clients easier. korean bob magazine just published a great book on sketches done by international architect studios. we are pleased that we have been asked to provide some of our project sketches for the publication.

sketch book, architectural drawing, sketch, plajer & franz

cultural confluence

iDecorama magazine, issue 11/2017: “berlin based plajer & franz studio creates a contemporary shopping experience for a department store chain which was recently launched in turkey. the eclectic design of the store effectively blends the french charm with turkish flair, whilst keeping the brand’s identity and traditional heritage intact.”

new trends: the facade in retail design

stores + shops – leading magazine for shopfitting, shop furnishings and POS marketing – recently published a feature about new trends in facade design for shops and department stores.

alexander plajer: “In mainstream, the transparent facade design is represented more strongly, while the premium and luxury segment favors closed concepts, mostly because the customer wants more privacy. in general, the trend in department stores is clearly moving towards ‘natural light’. Here, however, caution is required: the use of daylight must be well-controlled.”

along with alexnader plajer’s expertise, the article published our projects KARL LAGERFELD and PUMA, showing the wide range of contemporary and pioneering facade designs.

the world spa design 2

yi is a holistic spirited equilibrated lifestyle-concept. therefore the main objective of plajer & franz studio was to design “yi” as a refuge for body, mind and spirit: chaste elegance, natural elements like slate stone, mother-of-pearl and dark wood in contrast to colored glass, exotic plants and delicate fragrances. the idea of plajer & franz studio was to make all these elements interplaying distinctively. certain design elements like tone-in-tone gravel between big stone slabs impose a path through a riverbed in chiang mai and show the correlation between modern interior design and tradition. yi offers a piece of imported asian culture integrated into a modern realistic ambiance.

“the world spa design 2” was published by shenzhen based publisher artpower

sportswear international #279

“Hot, stuffy, cramped. That is what most shop pers would think of if you conducted an unrepresentative survey about fitting rooms. what happens there? why do people have so many negative associations with the few square meters of space where most buying decisions are made?” In sportswear international #279 Julia Mönch from sportswear international found interesting answers and of course some very nice fitting rooms!

inside cover - Karl Lagerfeld fitting room

inside cover – Karl Lagerfeld fitting room