the PDC project featuring photographer ken schluchtmann

PDC is a new idea of the artist project alex diamond conceived by jörg heikhaus in 2004. after drawing over magazine pages and his own photography, the artist started PDC, which is all about photodrawings emerging in collaborations with photographers…  whenever a work of a photographer strikes him as something unique and special and where the original image compositions tempts him to continue or alter these stories with pen & ink, alex diamond invites the photographers to collaborate.

one of such collaborations is that with photographer ken schluchtmann of – excellent architectural photographer, winner of the ARCAID images awards and plajer & franz studio’s most favoured photographer capturing the majority of its work.

a reason to share the works of PDC featuring ken schluchtmann. enjoy!





for more:
PDC will be released as a book and exhibition once completed in fall 2014. first print editions are already available through the heliumcowboy online shop.

and to hear some of ken schluchtman’s views on contemporary photography read the interview with ken on: