unmistakeble campana’s style

there was a moment when some of us might have thought “enough of the same style”… but now, when seeing the yes! hotel athens designed by the brothers humberto and fernando campana, i can’t help it but think, yes, that’s the brasilian guys who carry on doing what they started with and it’s just… well, great…

the idea behind the hotel was to reinterpret the former olympic palace hotel that was originally built in 1958 by architect iasonas rizos.
the design processwas more of a workshop together with design and architecture students from the university of thessaly.

found objects, fabric cut-offs, recycled materials – just waht is so typical for the style of estudio campana, was applied here and forms a vocabulary of design that gives poetry to everyday objects.

the workshop group created furniture, producing samples and prototypes whilst exploring methods and techniques associated
with the campanas style: reusing and reinterpreting local material and culture. the favela wall incorporates memories and recollections of the former hotel whereas parts of the doors and furniture pieces decorate the walls of the reception area.

as seen on designboom.com