we love trainers!

especially if they are eco-friedly like these ones from adidas…

sports brand adidas has created a concept trainer with an upper made using waste plastic filtered out of the oceans and a 3D-printed midsole created from recycled fishing nets.

bringing together two of the brand’s recent technologies, the 3D-printed ocean plastic shoe midsole was unveiled in paris earlier this week.

the project is part of adidas’ continuing partnership with parley for the oceans, an initiative that encourages creatives to repurpose ocean waste and raise awareness of the growing issue.

the german brand revealed its first trainer made from plastic scooped up out of the sea earlier this year. its upper was woven using fibres produced from the recycled waste – a technique that is repeated in this latest design.

the 3D-printed midsole, which cushions the foot and is covered underneath by a thin sole, is made using plastic melted down from old fishing nets. it builds on the brand’s futurecraft technology, which allows the midsoles to be tailored to the exact contours of the owner’s feet.

ocean plastic has proven to be this year’s breakthrough material. it has been used to create everything from crafted objects to denim garments.

hopefully we will se more of it!




as seen on dezeen.com