cortina d’ampezzo

situated in an alpine valley, cortina d’ampezzo is a popular winter sport resort known for its skiing slopes, the beautiful scenery and premium shops mainly for european jet set. recently, sports specialist SALEWA opened a new store on corso italia, the heart of the italian skiing hotspot. following the design concept of munich, linz, cles and longarone, technical materials such as powder-coated black steel and dark floor tiling, create a modern and authentic look embodying function and professionalism. high quality natural wood on focus areas and furniture objects, gives the interior a welcoming and warm finish.

as in former shop concepts the design offers a structured and reduced framework for the merchandise world of SALEWA. the colorful functional clothing and equipment make a strong appearance against the dark background and the wooden highlights. since 2007 plajer & franz studio has been developing and implementing retail design concepts for SALEWA with shop openings in a number of european cities.

photos salewa

photos: SALEWA